First release of "Whose Izzy Is He"


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Oldiesmann @ 2019-09-08 00:23:07 UTC

Just added the popular 1924 song "Whose Izzy Is He?" and am trying to figure out who released it originally. Of the 4 versions from 1924 that I've added, three of them were all recorded within two weeks of one another:

Isabelle Patricola - January 14, 1924

Billy Jones and Ernest Hare - January 18, 1924

Carl Fenton's Orchestra (also featuring Hare on vocals apparently) - January 25, 1924

Also, the sheet music states "Successfully introduced by Van & Schenck in their own review The Silver Slipper", but I can't find much info on that production.


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baggish @ 2019-09-08 16:13:27 UTC

Looks like Nathan Glantz might be an earlier recording from December 1923 (Emerson 10714 and Oriole 153 ).

Judging by , The Silver Slipper was a club, not a production. It seems to me the sheet music says "Successfully introduced by Van & Schenck in their own review at The Silver Slipper" which might support this.

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jojo @ 2019-09-08 16:59:21 UTC


I don't know exactly who introduced the song.

Van and Schenck could have introduced the song as vaudeville artists in their venue the Silver Slipper.

Like Jon, I also found the December 1923 recording of Nathan Glantz. It's the earliest mentioned in American Dance Bands on Record and Film 1915-1942.

Nathan Glantz recorded his version in New York with Jack Kaufman on vocals.

It was released on a few labels:

Emerson 10714

Oriole 153

Grafton 9037

and World 150

Grey Gull 1194 (as Lucky Strike Dance Orchestra)

There are a few sheets of this song with the same lay-out.

Belle Baker

Van and Schenck

Dolly Kay

Lucky and Harris

Billy Walsh