Spanish "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes"?


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VirileVagabond @ 2019-09-20 02:48:58 UTC

I'm a bit flummoxed over an (assuming Spanish) adaption of Smoke Gets in Your Eyes and possibly a related work....

I started with a definite adaption (Smoke Gets In Your Eyes [Humo En Tus Ojos] [Foreign]) by Pedro Vargas …. While they be the same recording, I have two translated by Agustín Lara and currently indexed to:íz-Armengol-America-Canta/…

Other autogens were floating around with the same or similar title (Humo En Los Ojos), one of which was credited to Agustín Lara; however, I couldn't find an original release (the recording reviewed sounded very old) nor could I detect any "Smoke" in the mix.

I also listened to another Humo En Los Ojos by a Bárbara Polanco. While it wasn't a straight cover of "Smoke" like the Vargas recording and there are no credits in the autogen notes, there was definitely some "Smoke" in the performance:ía-Félix-Doña-Canciones-Favoritas/dp/B00DPP5PKW

I have other similarly titled recordings with Lara in the autogen credits, but they are currently in my research queue.

While I hack thru these, I decided to get the ball rolling to see what the editors can determine. In order of reference above, the autogens:

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes (Humo En Tus Ojos) · Pedro Vargas · Mario Ruiz Armengol And His Orchestra

Vintage México No. 135 - EP: Humo En Tus Ojos

℗ 2009 Vintage Music

Released on: 1958-09-24

Humo en Tus Ojos · Pedro Vargas

Grandes Éxitos de Norte América

℗ 1986 RCA, S.A. de C.V.

Composer, Lyricist: Agustín Lara

Other: Mario Ruíz Armengol y Su Orquesta

Humo en los Ojos · Agustin Lara

Agustín Lara y sus Grandes Intérpretes

℗ 2012 Orfeon

Released on: 2012-09-28

Humo en los Ojos · Bárbara Polanco

María Félix: La Doña, La Diva, La Musa (Sus Canciones Favoritas)

℗ 1989 Pham Emmi

Released on: 2013-06-26

Just rev'd another "Humo En Los Ojos". There may have been some "Smoke" influence, but certainly not clear to my ears:

Javier Solísís/dp/B00429761Q

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microtherion @ 2019-10-29 21:09:34 UTC

Vargas appears to have performed both "Humo en tus ojos" which is a translation of "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes" and "Humo en los ojos", which is not.

Here's the "los" song performed by Vargas:…

I bet that only the "los" song was composed by Augustín Lara, and discogs simply confused it for the other song.

There is also "Hay humo en tus ojos", by "Los Cinco Latinos", which is clearly credited to Lucio Milena, but that's NOT the same lyrics Vargas is singing.