The division of an international label by country is (intrinsically) a bad idea. Why?


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dany @ 2020-01-16 09:50:47 UTC

The expansion of a label (initially from a particular country) to other countries and in some cases to the entire orb (think Decca, RCA, Mercury, etc.) represents the triumph of an idea, of a way of working, of an organization.

When, in SHS, you visit the page of a multinational label, you are amazed by the large number of releases of many series in all formats. In addition, in the headline, you could read who the founders (person, company) and successive owners were if there were.

What a doubt can be that this vision would bring pride and joy to the person who contributed to it in any way.

---> What are the consequences of separating the realizations made in a particular country ?

If we extract from their true place to the releases made in each country... what do we get?

We simply emptied the label page and if we extreme that action we could leave it only with the realizations made in their home country.

The label page is denatured, it doesn't appear as great as it is.

It's mutilated, it's missing something... and that something actually belongs to it.


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walt @ 2020-01-16 12:13:22 UTC

Are you saying, you wish to keep those big label pages intact (Decca, RCA, Mercury, Philips) ??

or do you prefer dividing into countries (like we do with EMI & Odeon)?


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dany @ 2020-01-16 15:19:47 UTC

The basic idea is the one expressed in the title.

I give an example: a label called LABEL (with its corresponding logo)

LABEL is an international label, because it has editions (with its own logo) in different countries through subsidiary companies or agreements with local entities.

It's normal to do this:

LABEL (label's homepage) ----> RIGHT (it should include ALL the releases of that label)

It's a bad idea to add this:

LABEL (France) ---> Bad idea

LABEL (Italy) ----> Bad idea

LABEL (Brazil) ----> Bad idea

...... other countries

.... perhaps it is better understood now


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walt @ 2020-01-16 19:31:25 UTC

As a start, an easy transition would be ODEON (214 items now). We could easily merge it with BR (244), FR (111), SE (188), DK (176) & FI (73) and the smaller ones... (Does anybody know if this action would respect the existing label series?)

I wouldn't mind, but what does the community think?

camembert electrique

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camembert electrique @ 2020-11-23 16:30:48 UTC

Does anybody know if this action would respect the existing label series?

As far as I can see from briefly looking, integrating the local Odeon pages in the main one would in many cases result in cat. no. groupings reflecting the countries or regions of release.

This surely goes for more recent releases (such with 1C, 4E etc. prefixes, which are all country codes), but they would continue to conflict with according EMI label series.