"O Juffrouw Donselaar" by Nico Haak - Robert Gilbert adaptation


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Oldiesmann @ 2020-02-10 01:07:49 UTC

This is apparently a Dutch version of a song written by Robert Gilbert. Anyone recognize it? It appears on the A side of a single with a Dutch version of "Monsieur cannibale" on the B side.


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jojo @ 2020-02-10 10:36:25 UTC


This song was already recorded in 1928, in Berlin, by Dutch singer Kees Pruis .

In fact all of his Homocord releases were recorded in Berlin.

Most of the time he was accompanied by German orchestras as well.…

The sheet music mentions that he wrote the Dutch lyrics.…

I think Kees Pruis wrote the lyrics on an instrumental track written by Robert Gilbert.

The intrumental track was also recorded in the same Homocord studios in Berlin.…

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Oldiesmann @ 2020-02-10 21:39:12 UTC

The label for Nico Haak's version credits both Pruis and Johnny Hoes (who produced the record) for the Dutch lyrics, so maybe Hoes added additional lyrics?

I'm mainly trying to figure out what the original work is called so I can add it to the site.