Youtube API is back!


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mduval32323 @ 2020-10-07 16:14:21 UTC

You guys need to learn the difference between being critical and pointing out something isn't working correctly. I was the first one on here praising the fact that Mathieu had gotten the system back up and running. My post two days ago was made to let you know that something had changed since Mathieu restored it as it wasn't working as effectively. I am very familiar with copying videos from YouTube and I would venture to say that I've copied as many or more videos from YouTube the past few months than any person on SHS so I feel qualified to opine here. The autoselector is a tremendous feature to have but something has changed in the past week or so with the constant video not available black screen showing up as the choices to select from. This is a new thing. If this is as good as it gets then that's fine as it is of immense benefit much of the time, but I suspect something mechanically has changed that could be altered back. That was my only reason for posting this.



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Bastien @ 2020-10-07 16:17:55 UTC

I've noticed of late that I sometimes will get a screen of 4 video choices and all 4 will be blacked out and says Video not available.

Hi Mark,

Would you mind creating a specific topic for this in please?

That way Mathieu will spot it for sure + it will keeps a little more manageable for us.



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VirileVagabond @ 2020-10-07 16:25:19 UTC

Since I don't use the "Choose the Video" tool (i.e. I don't add missing vids nor revise existing vids), perhaps some general thoughts from a somewhat neutral observer:

a) I'm guessing that most submissions come with a vid that the editors just use, so we're talking adding missing vids and the editors' own additions; and

b) The tool is just a convenience. If it didn't return what you want, just manually search on YT.

If the tool does not usually return the quality/types of vids that the editors want, then:

a) The logistics may need to be revised (e.g. the contributor requests the tool rather than the system defaulting to it); and

b) Matt's resources should be directed elsewhere in the future. There's little reason to continue to try and fix a tool that is unfixable to the degree demanded.

I believe that the overall "API" fix is far greater than just the tool.


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DashBoardDJ856 @ 2020-10-07 18:11:50 UTC

Within the past month here are the tallies for added videos by editors who responded to this post.

Bastien - 49

Oldiesmann - 187

sebcat -335

CarlDennis - 678

walt - 748

DashBoardDJ856 - 3147

mduval32323 - 3986

Let me see if I can get this right, Mark and I have put in the most videos this month, and we are the ones that don't know what we are talking about?

Got it!


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Mathieu @ 2020-11-22 10:26:09 UTC

Anyway I see that the 'views' and 'likes' for her videos posted here are way off in some cases. One is 2.1m views when it should be 4.1m views. Do these numbers get set once and for all at the time of posting or do you plan to run a periodic update script every year or so? (I could write such a script for you if necessary using the official YouTube API.)

Rock Howard Since october the numbers of likes and views should be updated regularly. Do you have an example where it is very out of date?

Rock Howard

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Rock Howard @ 2020-11-24 04:14:42 UTC

Luna Lee's cover of Sultans of Swing has 4,199,291 views as of yesterday and not 2,121,932 as shown on the secondhandsongs listing.