Ernesto Lecuona "instrumentals" with Spanish lyrics


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microtherion @ 2020-10-17 22:58:39 UTC

Looking through recordings of Lecuona's La comparsa I came across a recording by Placido Domingo with Spanish lyrics, and looking further for those lyrics, I found a tribute album by Los Panchos containing those lyrics for La comparsa and Siempre en mi corazón both of which we list as instrumentals.

Neither Domingo nor Los Panchos credit anybody but Lecuona for the composition, and ISWC doesn't list anybody else either. On the other hand, it seems suspicious that the lyrics for two such popular songs went unrecorded until the 1960s, if Lecuona really wrote them himself.

Any suggestions for where those lyrics could have come from? If not, would anybody mind if I edited those works to credit Lecuona for the lyrics? Cc: Canary Limbabwe