Public Leads: Various & Sundry (Part 03)


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VirileVagabond @ 2021-01-09 20:25:12 UTC

Bit bottlenecked at the moment, so looking through some old leads sent via PM and lingering in my internal email. To clear some out, decided to post them publicly to see if anyone is interested and can do something with them. I made another attempt at confirming to personal standard prior to posting here. I'll revise this original post until it gets too long:

Part 02: Public Leads: Various & Sundry (Part 02)

Part 04: Public Leads: Various & Sundry (Part 04)

Work now on site: Go Insane

Sensuous Enemy

A Woman In Love (It's Not Me) originally by Tom Petty


Me and You and a Dog Named Boo (Portuguese?)

Marcus Pitter

Me and You and a Dog Named Boo (Danish?)

Gert Günther…

Now on site: Canary added: Bonanza

Bonanza (French?)


Sweet Home Alabama (Czech?)

Artist now on site: Křáp

Release now on site: Máte co jste chtěli…

Ich habe einen Berg voll Schulden

Christina [DE] (guessing same artist)…




Digital Information Ensemble…

Mexican version of The Monkees?

Artist now on site: Los Monkys

Related Discussion: Spanish Monkees

Now under review:

Le serenade & Drift Away (Finnish)


Always Look on the Bright Side of Life (Greek?)…

The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

Noddys Puncture

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Posts: 5485

VirileVagabond @ 2022-04-15 17:45:49 UTC

Update: Took a fresh look at these. One is now on site; one is now under review