Public Leads: Various & Sundry (Part 08)


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VirileVagabond @ 2021-01-11 00:38:12 UTC

Bit bottlenecked at the moment, so looking through some old leads sent via PM and lingering in my internal email. To clear some out, decided to post them publicly to see if anyone is interested and can do something with them. I made another attempt at confirming to personal standard prior to posting here. I'll revise this original post until it gets too long:

Part 07:

Part 09:

Dragon Attack


Queen tribute (Basque?)


Take a Letter Maria & Travelin' Band (Spanish?)


I Will Go Sailing No More (Italian?)

Riccardo Cocciante

Toy Story Il mondo dei giocattoli - Colonna sonora originale italiana…

Lawyers in Love & FM (No Static at All)

Enord Khan

The Things We Do for Love

Ten Sharp

Grease (Danish?) & Lonely Boy (Danish?)

Peter Klixbüll Band…

Aerosmith tribute…

Italian artist I think has covers buried in catalog that I can't confirm

Milk And Coffee

Ring Ring (another Norwegian?)

May Pedersen…

Ghostbusters (Spanish?) & The Safety Dance (Spanish?)


Now on site, Canary added: The Way Old Friends Do/Zoals Vrienden Doen

The Way Old Friends Do / Zoals vrienden doen (English & Dutch?)

Anny Schilder

Anny en ik

Everything Is Beautiful (German?)

Mel Jersey (aka Eberhard Jupe)…

Now on site, CarlDennis added: Där kommer en streak

The Streak (Swedish?)


Lady Banana

Der Kommissar (Rap' That) (French or German?)

Matthew Gonder

Happy Man

Project & Maritza

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