Digital albums that grow over time


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artsinspired @ 2021-10-11 19:44:01 UTC

Sites like Bandcamp allow artists to create a release, then add to it over time. Often the original release date listed on the site doesn't change. Wondering how we treat digital albums that grow over time.

For example, Jennifer Berning's Covers album had 53 songs at the time I uploaded it in 2019. Now it has 60 songs. See Covers. (And it's unknown how many songs were listed at the time of the original release in 2017.)

Those additional 7 songs are eligible for entry in SHS, but it doesn't make sense to add them to a release with a 2017 date.


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sebcat @ 2021-10-12 08:45:04 UTC

Yes this does sometimes happen. It’s quite common with Boyce Avenue releases for example. Ideally you would treat like a reissue, adding the extra tracks to an “additional” release. But this is only possible if you know when the extra tracks were added, which is sometimes not known. You could email the artist on BandCamp to ask perhaps?