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Terence Peers

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Terence Peers @ 2022-05-16 16:00:23 UTC

Just searched for song As Long As You Love Me and the result didn’t include the song I have on a 50s 45rpm by the Wright Brothers.

Guido Haas

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Guido Haas @ 2022-06-17 22:02:03 UTC


The Wright Brothers of the 1950s are hard to find. There are two titles available on YouTube, two more are listed on Discogs.Two more titles are available through the Internet archive, but it appears that these are from a different group with the same name in the same time frame.

A little more info is needed: Who wrote the song, is there additional information available? The people here running the show are good, but they are neither magicians nor mentalists.

And a last, but very important information: This site is called SECOND hand songs and lists only musical peices that have been covered in some way.

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