"Song From Desiree (We Meet Again)" original


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Oldiesmann @ 2023-01-16 01:02:30 UTC

Somehow ended up down a rabbit hole of records by Joe Marine and added several performances of his that weren't on site yet. One of them is a song called "The Song from Desiree", aka "We Meet Again", apparently from the 1954 film Désirée. There are a number of recordings of it (I've added three so far and there are at least a half dozen more on, but I have no idea who did the original. Bing Crosby's version was probably one of the first, as it features an orchestra conducted by Alfred Newman, who co-wrote the song, but beyond that I have nothing to go on. The popularity of it seems to have died out by mid-1955.


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jojo @ 2023-01-16 09:17:11 UTC


Michael, I have this information for you (SEE ATTACHMENTS)

Copied from David Ewen's American Popular Songs from the Revolutionary War to the Present.

And from Nat Shapiro, Bruce Pollock's Popular American Music 1920-1979.

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