Dark Side Of the Moon Fans?


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FbgMatt @ 2023-01-26 00:19:42 UTC

I'm new here and stumbled upon this site while doing a search for DSOM covers.

My collection has 13 covers and I am always looking for more.

In my searches I noticed that at some great DSOM covers are not listed with the main list. They appear in artist searches. Try this one - The Squirrels - Not so bright side of the moon.

If you like DSOM covers this is a must have. When I bought my copy I sent a check to a PO Box in Seattle. I just wrote it off but, low and behold, it showed up! Very top of my list of covers.


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josephmurphy @ 2023-01-26 17:08:57 UTC

That's an interesting piece of feedback on the search engine. The "Releases" search is only looking for exact matches, so of course "Dark Side..." doesn't match "Dub Side..." or "Doom Side..." or "Orange Side..." or "Not-So-Bright Side", though I can see why you might want it to.

So my first piece of advice would be to think about stems to search for. A search for just "side of the moon" pulls up a lot of other tribute albums. (It catches some false positives too, which I'd expect). And "dark side of the" catches a few more, but there are a ton of false positives that way.

The second would be just to go to the original The Dark Side of the Moon and look at the covers of individual tracks. That ought to pull up any tribute albums in the database (and of course those times when people only covered a track or two).

It is interesting, though, that with ~20 tribute albums out there, there's only one listed as a "Related Recording" on the original. When track-for-track cover albums are released, should we be trying harder to get them listed as "related recordings"? Is that kind of request a good use for an error report?

Tar Heel

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Tar Heel @ 2023-01-26 18:51:51 UTC

Pretty sure I just searched for "Squirrels". spotted the artist, and found the release rather quickly. That works just fine if only looking to see if a known release is already on site.

If one goes to Pink Floyd >>> "Release" Tab, one would see a list of Pink Floyd tributes, but here we are looking for a release tribute. The solution is likely a site enhancement that allows attaching tributes to The Dark Side of the Moon rather than the artist. Seems like I have suggested before, but things usually go nowhere.