Stage production


Opening date
October 17, 1967
Date is for the first Off-Broadway preview at the New York Shakespeare Festival (it officially opened on October 29, 1967), after which it was briefly moved to the Cheetah discotheque. It then moved to the Broadway house, the Biltmore Theater, where previews commenced on April 11, 1968, with the official premiere on April 29, 1969. The show ultimately ran 1750 total performances (including the previews) at the Biltmore.

There were substantial changes between the original Off-Broadway run and the Broadway run. Some songs in the original production were cut before the move to Broadway, while others were added before the Broadway run. In addition, there was replacement of a number of performers between the two runs.

The Broadway cast album of "Hair" was released in 1968, and approximately a year later an original cast album of the Off-Broadway production was released.

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