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Disclaimer: I only own the copyrights of my own compositions, but am uploading songs to help others learn how to play them, not for financial gain. They are educational in content, though are hopefully entertaining as well. Having been a teacher for part of my life, I hope to be able to help others learn to play songs by showing the lyrics and chords on screen in my videos. With more devices becoming available however, the annotations do not work if you are using a mobile phone (cell phone). They do work on other devices. YouTube have seen fit to stop using their annotations, so in my newer videos, I have had to use my Video Editor software and add my chords and lyrics on screen that way. I am happy to help if you are unable to get the lyrics and chords on screen. Simply send me a message via the email address below and I will send you the file from my own collection. Mainly I play and sing folk music for preference, although I am trying out other genres too.

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