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Tainted Love by Petya Dankova

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I watched Marilyn Menson's freak out version of "Tainted Love" for the first time in 2001 and thought what a cool cover version. I always wandered how come a cover song can become more famous then the original. Years later when I was looking for a piece for one of my talented students (Simona Andonova) I stumbled upon it again and started contemplating how to change it. I downloaded the instrumental track, changed the key and played with different improvisations, I was convinced that that one can do perform more interesting vocals on top of it. I started recording it and literally exploded, changed the canto added more backing vocals. Couple of years later my first concert was at the door and it was an acoustic one. I remembered "Tainted Love" and started experimenting with my guitarist Stoicho Stoyanov who made an extraordinary guitar arrangment. It turned out to be a success and managed to convey the aggression of a metal song with just an acoustic guitar, cahon and vocal.

Tainted Love
Performed by
Petya Dankova
Originally by
Gloria Jones
Video title
Petya Dankova - Tainted Love /Cover/ - Live