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American Pie by Steph Sancia

Acoustic guitar cover song from me of the 1971 rock n roll pop hit song American Pie by Don McLean and I've included a video montage tribute to the 1970's America, one of the few places in the world I have never visited (Good morning America Land, have a most fabulous day over there !) We used to play this song on the juke box of the City Tavern pub opposite the Piazza in Gibraltar when I lived there for 18 months in the 70's on the shore base HMS Rooke when I was in the Royal Navy and just like the groupies in the film Almost Famous we all knew the chorus to this one but mumbled the rest in it's entirety whilst sipping on our never ending 23 out of 24 hours per day local drinks supply. Hoping you all have a wonderful week my friends,

American Pie
Performed by
Steph Sancia
Originally by
Don McLean

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