Performance or recording of a song.

entityTypestringperformance / recording (in case it is recorded)
titlestringtitle of the performance
isOriginalbooleanWhether the performance is an original
datepartial datePerformance or recording date. NOT the release date (see releases)
releaseslist of releaseReleases on which the performance has been released
workslist of workPerformed works. Usually just one work, except for medleys
originalslist of workIn case of a cover: original performances per work. Each work has an additional attribute 'original' referring to the original performance and an attribute 'isRootWork' (which is true if the work is not an adaptation)
coverslist of performanceIn case of an original: list of covers
sampledBylist of (string, performance)Performances that sample this performance, with comments
usesSamplesFromlist of (string, performance)Performances sampled by this performance, with comments
derivedWorkslist of workIn case of a cover: list of works derived from the work of the performance
external_uri youtube videos

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