צאנה צאנה [Tzena, tzena, tzena]

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Miron left Poland at the age of 19. In 1941, while serving in the Jewish Brigade of the British forces, he composed the melody for lyrics written by Chagiz. The song became popular in Palestine.
Julius Grossman, who did not know who composed the song, wrote the so-called third part of "Tzena" around November 1946. Gordon Jenkins made an arrangement of the song for The Weavers, who sang it with Jenkins' Orchestra as backing. The Jenkins/Weavers version was one side of a two-sided hit reaching #2 on the Billboard magazine charts in 1950 while the flip side Goodnight Irene reached #1.

Cromwell Music Inc., a subsidiary of Richmond/TRO alleged the music to have been composed by a person named Spencer Ross, though in reality this was a fictitious persona constructed to hide the melody's true authorship. Miron's publisher sued Cromwell and won. The presiding judge also dismissed Cromwell's claim that the melody was based on a traditional folk song and was thus in the public domain.
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