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Choucoune (Haitian Creole: Choukoun) is an 1883 poem by Haitian poet Oswald Durand. Its words are in Haitian Creole.
Besides the fact that Oswald Durand was a poet and a writer, he also had problems with justice. In 1883, he went to jail, because of his politic ideas. During his time in jail, he wrote his famous poem Choucoune. Durand's inspiration for the poem was a marabou woman named Marie Noel Belizaire—nicknamed Choucoune—who ran a restaurant in Cap-Haïtien. She met Durand, and the two had a romantic liaison. In the poem, Choucoune deserts the poet for a Frenchman's favors. Reportedly the real Choucoune and Durand parted because of the poet's serial philandering.
The poem was apparently first titled: "Frè p'tit Pierre"

Michel Mauleart Monton an American-born pianist with a Haitian father and American mother, composed the music for the poem in 1893, appropriating some French and Caribbean fragments to create his tune.
Years later the song was rewritten in English as Yellow Bird based on the words "ti zwazo" (French: petits oiseaux; little birds) from the Durand poem.
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