Too Much 93rd in 1955

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The above listed songwriters are more a paper trail of where the money went than a true indication of the people who actually wrote the song. Bill Beasley, owner of the Nashville based record company Republic, and his wife Joan Norris wrote "Too Much". The writers were listed on the label of the original Bernard Hardison recording as "Norris - Weinman". Weinman was Bernie Weinman, a financial partner with Beasley. The record stiffed, and the song was forgotten until Elvis released it.
Later lawsuits indicated that some intriguing machinations had replaced Norris' name in the songwriting credits with that of Lee Rosenberg. Rosenberg was apparently Weinman's secretary, and she was the person who placed the record in the hands of Elvis. According to the lawsuit, Weinman and Rosenberg filed for a copyright as the writers of "Too Much" in 1956, having not copyrighted it in 1955 under the actual writers names. Being flush with cash from the success of a number one single, Weinman had the better attorneys and won the lawsuit, so instead of "Too Much", Beasley and Norris were left with nothing at all. Incidentally, the Rosenberg share of the publishing money was the part that went to Elvis.
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