You Are My Sunshine 5th in 1939

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The real author of this song will probably stay unknown forever. There are at least four theories about it:

1) Paul Rice wrote it in 1937, inspired by a letter from a fan, and sold his rights to Jimmie Davis (and Charles Mitchell) in 1940. This story is the most trustworthy.

2) Jimmie Davis wrote it in the early twenties. This version is unprovable.

3) An unknown lady singer from South Carolina wrote the song and offered it to the Pine Ridge Boys. Another unconfirmed story, but at least it would explain why they were the first to record it.

4) According to Prof. Toru Mitsui (Kanazawa University), the song was written in 1933 by Oliver Hood. Although the source is very authoritative, also this theory cannot be proven for certain.
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