The Troggs

The Troggs
Years active
since 1964
United Kingdom
Early garage band
Reg Presley
Colin Fletcher Rhythm guitar (1975-1977)
Ronnie Bond


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Title Performer Release date Label
Any Way That You Want Me The Troggs January 16, 1967 Fontana
Any Way That You Want Me The Troggs December 9, 1966 Page One
Everything's Funny The Troggs June 2, 1972 Pye Records
Evil Woman The Troggs January 1969 Page One
Give It to Me The Troggs February 1967 Page One
Good Vibrations The Troggs January 1975 Penny Farthing
Hi Hi Hazel The Troggs July 1967 Page One
Hip Hip Hooray The Troggs September 1968 Page One
I Can't Control Myself The Troggs September 1966 Page One
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction The Troggs November 14, 1975 Penny Farthing
Little Girl The Troggs February 16, 1968 Page One
Lost Girl The Troggs February 1966 CBS
Love Is All Around The Troggs October 13, 1967 Page One
Lover The Troggs 1970 Page One
Night of the Long Grass The Troggs May 1967 Page One
Strange Movies The Troggs October 1973 Pye Records
Summertime The Troggs July 1975 Penny Farthing
The Raver The Troggs October 2, 1970 Page One
Wild Thing The Troggs April 1966 Fontana
With a Girl Like You The Troggs July 1966 Fontana
You Can Cry if You Want To The Troggs June 1968 Fontana