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It's All Right with Me by George Michael

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Oliver One

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It's All Right with Me

By George Michael

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On April 7, 2019

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Comment by Philipp Glass
2019-03-07 15:18:57 UTC

This Song is performed by "Phil Ramone & his Orchestra" and not George Michael.

And the Song Title is "It's Alright With Me", it's written inside the Booklet.

Comment by sebcat
2019-04-07 10:48:15 UTC

The credit sounds right, but where did you get the info from? I couldn't see the credit in the CD liner notes.

Change by sebcat
2019-04-07 10:48:17 UTC
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Change by sebcat
2019-04-07 10:48:19 UTC
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Comment by Philipp Glass
2019-04-07 15:52:33 UTC

I read that long Time ago in an Article...

Maybe the Performer should be "Rob Mounsey & Orchestra"?

The Credits say for this Track: arranged and conducted by Rob Mounsey

Change by sebcat
2019-04-07 18:39:02 UTC
Status: need info processed
Comment by sebcat
2019-04-07 18:39:02 UTC

Thanks for clarifying. Nice research.