The Queers

The Queers
United States
Wimpy Rutherford Drums, vocals (1982-1984)
Joe Queer Vocals, guitar


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Title Performer Release date Label
Acid Beaters Queers/Manges August 26, 2003 Stardumb Records
Back to the Basement The Queers November 16, 2010 Asian Man Records
Beat Off The Queers 1994 Lookout!
Beyond the Valley... The Queers May 16, 2000 Hopeless Records
Don't Back Down The Queers August 27, 1996 Lookout!
Grow Up The Queers 1990 Shakin' Street
Grow Up [Asian Man Reissue] The Queers April 10, 2007 Asian Man Records
Live in West Hollywood The Queers 2001 Hopeless Records
Love Songs for the Retarded The Queers 1993 Lookout!
Move Back Home The Queers May 10, 1995 Lookout!
Munki Brain The Queers February 6, 2007 Asian Man Records
Pleasant Screams The Queers April 9, 2002 Lookout!
Punk Rock Confidential The Queers 1998 Hopeless Records
Rocket to Russia The Queers 1994 Selfless Records
Shout at The Queers The Queers 1994 Selfless Records


Title Performer Release date Label
Bubblegum Dreams The Queers July 1996 Lookout!
Everything's O.K. EP The Queers May 19, 1998 Hopeless Records
Look Ma No Flannel The Queers 1995 Clearview Records [1]
Love Me The Queers 1982 Doheny
My Old Man's a Fatso The Queers 1994 Wound Up
Surf Goddess The Queers February 20, 1995 Lookout!
Today The Queers February 20, 2001 Lookout!
Webelos The Queers 1984 Doheny


Title Performer Release date Label
Love Ain't Punk Queers - Sinkhole 1995 Ringing Ear Records

Performances also appear on

Title Performer Release date Label
Joe King Presents - More Bounce to the Ounce various artists June 24, 1997 Lookout!
Let's Do It for Lance! - J Church Tribute various artists July 7, 2007 Jerk Off Records
Parasongs - A Parasites Tribute various artists December 2015 Kid Tested Records
We'll Inherit the Earth... A Tribute to The Replacements various artists October 3, 2006 1-2-3-4 Go! Records


Title Performer Release date Label
God Save The Queers various artists January 8, 2008 Asian Man Records