Houria Belhadji

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Songs written by Houria Belhadji

Adapted songs

Title Written by Originals Originally by Covered by
Dans un autre monde Houria Belhadji Into the Unknown Charlotte Hervieux, Aurora
En été Houria Belhadji In Summer Damien Sargue
J'ai perdu le nord Houria Belhadji Lost in the Woods Donald Reignoux
Je te cherche Houria Belhadji Show Yourself Charlotte Hervieux, Prisca Demarez
Je veux y croire Houria Belhadji I See the Light Maéva Méline et Emmanuel Dahl Covered by Anaïs Delva
Je voudrais Houria Belhadji Something That I Want Sara [FR] Covered by Cerise Calixte
La berceuse d'Ahtohallan Houria Belhadji All Is Found Prisca Demarez
Le bleu lumière Houria Belhadji How Far I'll Go Cerise Calixte
Le renouveau Houria Belhadji For the First Time in Forever Anaïs Delva + Emmylou Homs
Libérée, délivrée Houria Belhadji Let It Go Anaïs Delva
Où est la vraie vie Houria Belhadji When Will My Life Begin? Maéva Méline Covered by (2 artists)
Point d'avenir sans nous Houria Belhadji Some Things Never Change Emmylou Homs, Charlotte Hervieux, Dany Boon, Donald Reignoux, Cast
Quand je serai plus grand Houria Belhadji When I Am Older Dany Boon
Soleil brûlant Houria Belhadji Into the Open Air Maéva Méline Covered by (2 artists)
Tout réparer Houria Belhadji The Next Right Thing Emmylou Homs
Vers le ciel Houria Belhadji Touch the Sky Maéva Méline Covered by (2 artists)

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