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# Title / Performer Status Last update
193418 cover La Pachanga by Luis Aguilé con orquesta dir. Julio Gutiérrez unassigned
193314 error Irving Berman Rodders200 Rodders200
January 25, 2022
170611 original Come On And See Me by Tammi Terrell DashBoardDJ856 DashBoardDJ856
January 25, 2022
193416 original That's All I've Got To Say by America unassigned Akiphix
January 25, 2022
193417 cover That's All I've Got To Say by Art Garfunkel unassigned
193415 cover Tummat silmät, ruskea tukka by Hanna-Mari unassigned
193414 edit Block Busters unassigned
193413 error The Blizzards [NL] hounddogman
193412 cover Action Woman by Lime Spiders unassigned
193411 cover Action Woman by The Electras unassigned
193410 cover Por ti volaré by Andrea Bocelli unassigned
151948 cover Es Gibt keinen andren Weg by Caterina Valente - Peter Laine und Sein Orchester Mark_Heyrman Mark_Heyrman
January 25, 2022
193409 error Blind Before Dawn unassigned
193408 edit Blind Before Dawn unassigned
187681 error Emile Ford by Emile Ford DashBoardDJ856 Limbabwe
January 25, 2022
193407 cover Over the Rainbow by Madeline Bell unassigned
193406 edit Bert Visser unassigned
193404 cover Over the Rainbow by Charlie Barnet & His Orchestra unassigned
113893 original Fragile Handle With Care by Lori Hampton Canary Canary
January 25, 2022
193403 cover Why Don't You Spend the Night by Barry Kirwan unassigned