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# Title / Performer Status Last update
278463 error EMI [ZA] walt
278461 cover La femme a la rose by Anny Flore unassigned
202121 error Wang-Dang-Doodle by Ted Nugent Mark_Heyrman Sjef Smeets
January 28, 2023
278460 edit Mrs. Robinson by Top of the Pops unassigned
278459 cover La femme a la rose by Berthe Sylva unassigned
278458 edit Poem on an Underground Wall by Chad Mitchell unassigned
278457 cover Straatmadeliefjes by Duo Hofmann unassigned
278455 original La femme a la rose by Emma Liebel unassigned besf
January 28, 2023
278456 cover La femme a la rose by Marek Weber unassigned
250009 cover We've Got Tonite by Irene van Wyk & Kurt Darren Mark_Heyrman Mark_Heyrman
January 28, 2023
96820 cover I Would Die 4 U by Aaron Krause unassigned VirileVagabond
January 28, 2023
278454 cover Every Breath You Take by Aaron Krause feat. Liza Anne unassigned
255067 cover Strangelove by Chateau Pop unassigned VirileVagabond
January 28, 2023
278453 edit Louis Abadie unassigned
278452 cover Se Hai Bisogno D'un Amico by Richard Anthony unassigned
278450 original The Darkest Star by Depeche Mode unassigned tnnstein
January 28, 2023
278451 cover The Darkest Star (Part 1) by Ghostwheel unassigned
278449 edit Louis Abadie unassigned
278448 cover I Miss You Already by Jimmy Newman unassigned
278447 cover The Man Who Couldn't Cry by I Am Johnny Cash unassigned