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Rock Around the Clock cover by Gloria Rios

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Stephan Koenig

On November 14, 2008



Rock Around the Clock

By Gloria Rios



Additional comments and sources

Rock Around the Clock

And about 300 other covers in English, German, French, Swedish, Italian, Mexican --->Spanish-Gloria Rios)

I.a. Tenpole Tudor, backing the Sex Pistols (OST of The Great Rock and Roll Swindle...

See you for more information...


Comment by Limbabwe
2013-01-20 01:11:35 UTC

Stephan, sorry, but I do have no clue what you mean to say here, except perhaps for the cover by Gloria Rios, called El Relojito (excellent!!): see info below.


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2015-08-14 18:00:00 UTC
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Comment by VirileVagabond
2017-07-16 03:23:37 UTC

Took a stab at this one and found several autogens, none of which have any helpful credits:

While searching, found the compilation below, which suggests another version by Hermanas Navarro.....

Comment by VirileVagabond
2017-07-16 23:52:49 UTC

Since new artist, while surfing found the song below, which sounds like it could be a Spanish adaption of He's a Tramp ..., but I can't say with confidence: