A song called "Home Country"

2019-01-04 16:24:42 UTC

The Czech band Country Beat Jiřího Brabce have a long history of covering C&W works. On their 1975 album 3 is a cover of a work called "Home Country", written by David Bell, David Johnston and Stanley Hall Junior, writers I have never heard of and nor has Discogs..........

The work can be found in ISWC and the code is T-072.460.120-0.

Anyone an idea what song I am talking about and by which artist it was performed?


2019-01-06 10:57:17 UTC

I knew I could count on you, Joop!

Thanks and I will add original and cover one of these days.........


2019-01-07 06:12:46 UTC

Home Country has now been entered into the database and also the Czech cover Kouzelná zem........... Smile

Thanks again, Joop!

PS I have contacted the son of Stanley Hall Jr. to obtain some more information about his father!