Jeff Hamilton

Jeff Hamilton
Jeff Hamilton Trio
The Jeff Hamilton Trio
August 4, 1953
United States
Jazz drummer.
Member of


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Title Performer Release date Label
Dreamsville Cory Weeds & The Jeff Hamilton Trio April 2017 Cellar Live Records
Dynavibes Jeff Hamilton Trio featuring Frits Landesbergen June 1997 Mons Records
Explosive! Milt Jackson Meets the Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra February 23, 1999 Warner Bros.
Facets Monty Alexander with Ray Brown and Jeff Hamilton 1980 Concord Jazz
From Studio 4, Cologne, Germany The Jeff Hamilton Trio March 2006 Azica Records
Great American Songs - Through the Years Jeff Hamilton Trio March 25, 2013 All Art Promotion
Hands On Jeff Hamilton Trio 1998 Mons Records
It's Hamilton Time Jeff Hamilton Trio August 1994 Lake Street
Live! Jeff Hamilton Trio September 1996 Mons Records
Mr. Blue Takashi Ohi - Ray Brown - Gene Harris - Jeff Hamilton 1989 Denon
Partners in Crime Jim Hershman / Bill Cunliffe / Jeff Hamilton 2005 Azica Records
Red Sparkle Jeff Hamilton Trio February 2012 Capri Records
Reunion in Europe Alexander - Clayton - Hamilton 1984 Concord Jazz
Reunion With Al Dan Barrett, featuring Al Jenkins, with Rick Fay, Ray Sherman, David Stone, Jeff Hamilton 1995 Arbors Records
Scott Hamilton & Jeff Hamilton Trio Live in Bern Scott Hamilton & Jeff Hamilton Trio October 16, 2015 Capri Records
Symbiosis Jeff Hamilton Trio September 2009 Capri Records
The Best Things Happen Jeff Hamilton Trio April 2004 Azica Records
The L.A. Session Paul Kuhn with John Clayton / Jeff Hamilton 2013 In+Out Records
This Happy Madness Cory Weeds & The Jeff Hamilton Trio November 2015 Cellar Live Records
Trio Judy Roberts with Jeff Hamilton & Ray Brown 1983 PAUSA
What I Wanted to Say Mark Nightingale, Dado Moroni, Ray Brown, Jeff Hamilton 1994 Mons Records
Wilford Brimley with the Jeff Hamilton Trio Wilford Brimley with The Jeff Hamilton Trio September 17, 2013 Capri Records