Count Orlok

Count Orlok
Dutch label from Rotterdam, formed in 1986 and run by Johnny Zuidhof, a member of Batmobile. Specialized in psychobilly.


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Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
COCK 35 87 1207 40035 2 9  Triple Dynamite Elvis in Wonderland January 2007 CD
COCK CXVI Batmobile Hard Hammer Hits 1992 CD
COCK III Batmobile Buried Alive! [1988] 1988 CD
C O C K  XI 87 1207 40011 2 9  Batmobile Sex Starved 1991 CD
COCK XIV Slapping Suspenders The Good, the Bad and the Keeper of the Seven Waffles 1992 CD
COCK XVIII Asmodeus Psycho on Hell's Request 1999 CD
COCK XXV Slapping Suspenders Greece 1995 CD
COCK XXXI Frenzy Nine 'O' Nine 1997 CD
COCK XXXII Batmobile Welcome to Planet Cheese...Home of Rot, Stench And... 1997 CD
ROCK I Batmobile Bambooland 1987 12" LP
ROCK XII The Rattlers [1] Gangsters 'n' Loose Women 1991 12" LP