Červená sukýnka by R. A. Dvorský


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Oldiesmann @ 2018-02-19 07:10:05 UTC

I've been doing some research on the popular song "Blue Skirt Waltz" and tracked it back to a Czech tune titled "Červená sukýnka" ("red skirt"). It was written sometime in the 1940s and likely debuted by R. A. Dvorský as the person who wrote it was a trumpeter in his orchestra.

I found a YouTube video with audio of a version by Dvorský with a description that (translated) says "Recording from Ultraphon from the late 1940s".

However, I can't find a catalog number or an exact release date. One auto-generated video on YouTube has "© 1943 Supraphon s.a." in the description, and Frankie Yankovic's recording of "Blue Skirt Waltz" was released in 1949, so the original recording was in that range.

Should I just add the song with a 1985 album containing the song as the release until we find the original release? I don't really want to create a work and leave it empty just to add the adaptation.


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jojo @ 2018-02-19 08:45:28 UTC

Here's the original version:…

Original title is: Sukýnka

Artists; Jiřina Salačová A Máša Allanová / R. A. Dvorský Se Svým Orchestrem

Composer: Václav Bláha

Released in Czechoslovakia on Ultraphon B 14040

Matrix; 44036

I have tracked it down to early 1944.

JoJo greets

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Oldiesmann @ 2018-02-19 15:48:15 UTC

Thanks! I knew it had to be on there someplace but couldn't find it.


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Oldiesmann @ 2018-03-18 18:55:07 UTC

Both this and "Blue Skirt Waltz" have been added now Smile