George Harrison

George Harrison
Real name
George Harrison
February 25, 1943
November 29, 2001
United Kingdom
00013482508 114 works
Rock guitarist, singer-songwriter and film producer, born in Liverpool, England
Member of
The Beatles
Traveling Wilburys (1988-1990)
The Quarrymen
Dhani Harrison Son


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Title Performer Release date Label
Wonderwall Music George Harrison November 1, 1968 Apple
All Things Must Pass George Harrison November 1970 Apple
Living in the Material World George Harrison June 22, 1973 Apple
Dark Horse George Harrison December 20, 1974 Apple
Extra Texture (Read All About It) George Harrison September 1975 Apple
Thirty Three & 1/3 George Harrison November 19, 1976 Dark Horse
George Harrison George Harrison February 1979 Dark Horse
Somewhere in England George Harrison June 1, 1981 Dark Horse
Gone Troppo George Harrison October 27, 1982 Dark Horse
Cloud Nine George Harrison November 2, 1987 Dark Horse
Best of Dark Horse 1976-1989 George Harrison October 17, 1989 Warner Bros. Records
Live in Japan George Harrison July 13, 1992 Warner Bros. Records
All Things Must Pass George Harrison 2001 Parlophone
Brainwashed George Harrison November 19, 2002 Dark Horse


Performances also appear on


Title Performer Release date Label
Sing the Creative Genius of George Harrison, John Lennon & Paul McCartney Tribe 1971 Pickwick/33 Records
Portrait of George Harrison The Mike Batt Orchestra 1972 DJM Silverline
He Was Fab: A Loving Tribute to George Harrison various artists September 24, 2002 Jealousy
Tribute to George Harrison Marco Zappa & Friends 2002 (self-released)
Songs from the Material World - A Tribute to George Harrison various artists February 25, 2003 Koch Records
George Harrison Remembered: A Touch of Class Joseph Breznikar October 1, 2003 Sterling Sounds Music
Concert for George various artists November 17, 2003 Warner Strategic Marketing
George - Harrison's Compositions Interpreted on Piano by Danny Colfax Mallon Danny Colfax Mallon 2004 (self-released)
Harrison on Harrison - Jazz Explanations of George Harrison Joel Harrison October 25, 2005 HighNote
Love You 2 Les Fradkin January 5, 2006 RRO Entertainment
Tribute to George Harrison Den Fiori April 2008 Chacra
George Suburban Skies 2008 No Pressure Productions
George Harrison - Letra & Música various artists 2008 Discobertas
Going Solo - A Tribute to the Songs of Lennon, McCartney, Harrison & Starr The New Merseysiders 2009 CHV Music Factory
Here Comes the Sun - An Acoustic Tribute to George Harrison Chip Mergott 2009 (self-released)
Tribute To Yim Yames 2009 ATO Records
George Harrison - Tudo Passa various artists 2010 Discobertas
A Tribute to George Harrison Christine Collester (Dressed to Kill Studio Artists) December 19, 2011 Burning Girl
Harrison Covered various artists 2011 Mojo Records [GB]
Songs of George Harrison Guy Lee September 2012 (self-released)
Here Comes the Sun Rachael Leahcar April 2014 Universal Music Australia
Here, There and Everywhere Charlie Landsborough April 2014 Edsel [GB]
George Fest - A Night to Celebrate the Music of George Harrison various artists 2016 Vagrant Records
By George Bruce Lang 2017 Big Creek
By George by Bachman Randy Bachman March 2018 UMe - Universal Music Enterprises
Babies Go George Harrison Sweet Little Band November 6, 2018 RGS Music
PRF Tribute 67 [George Harrison] various artists January 31, 2020 PRF
Lullaby Versions of George Harrison Twinkle Twinkle Little Rock Star April 15, 2022 Roma Music Group