Bang Records [US]
United States
from 1965 to 1982
Formed in New York City by Bert Berns with the help of Ahmet Ertegun, Neshui Ertegun and Gerry Wexler. The label name is an acronym for the first letters of their names.
Related labels
Bang II Records   Successor label
Bullet Records [US1]   Sublabel
Shout   Sublabel
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Bert Russell   founder


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Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
JZ 35792 Nigel Olsson Nigel February 1979 12" LP
JZ 36262 Brick Waiting on You June 1980 12" LP
JZ 36491 Nigel Olsson Changing Tides August 1980 12" LP

BLP 4xx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
BLP 401 Paul Davis [US] Ride 'Em Cowboy October 1974 12" LP
BLP 403 Muscle Shoals Horns Born to Get Down May 1976 12" LP
BLP 405 Paul Davis [US] Southern Tracks & Fantasies 1976 12" LP
BLP 406 Street Corner Symphony [US1] Harmony Grits 1975 12" LP
BLP 408 Brick Good High July 1976 12" LP
BLP 409 Brick Brick 1977 12" LP
BLP 410 Paul Davis [US] Singer of Songs - Teller of Tales October 1977 12" LP

BLP(S) 2xx

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
LP 211 The Strangeloves I Want Candy September 1965 12" LP
BLP 212 The McCoys Hang on Sloopy November 1965 12" LP
BLPS 213 The McCoys You Make Me Feel So Good September 1966 12" LP
BLPS 214 Neil Diamond The Feel of Neil Diamond October 29, 1966 12" LP
BLPS 217 Neil Diamond Just for You September 1967 12" LP
BLP 218 Van Morrison Blowin' Your Mind September 1967 12" LP
BLP 222 Van Morrison The Best of Van Morrison 1970 12" LP
BLPS 223 Paul Davis [US] A Little Bit of Paul Davis October 1970 12" LP
BLP 226 Paul Davis [US] Paul Davis 1972 12" LP