B&C Records

B&C Records
United Kingdom
Founded in 1969 by Trojan Records owner Lee Gopthal, B&C (standing for Beat & Commercial) was designed to release progressive and folk material. Thanks to a deal with the newly founded Charisma label later that year, B&C also manufactured and distributed a good portion of that label’s early catalog, ‘sharing’ the same catalog numbering system of a ‘CAS’ prefix followed by four digits.
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Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
BCM 101 Wild Angels Live at the Revolution 1970 12" LP
BCM 102 Wild Angels Red Hot 'n' Rockin' 1970 12" LP
BCM 103 various artists Battle of the Bands Vol 1 1971 12" LP
CAS 1001 Merrill Moore Tree Top Tall May 1969 12" LP
CAS 1010 Atomic Rooster Atomic Rooster 1970 12" LP
CAS 1016 Harold McNair The Fence 1970 12" LP
CAS 1019 Shelagh McDonald Album 1970 12" LP
CAS 1026 Atomic Rooster Death Walks Behind You September 1970 12" LP
CAS 1028 Everyone Everyone 1971 12" LP
CAS 1029 Steeleye Span Please to See the King March 1971 12" LP
CAS 1031 Ginhouse Ginhouse 1971 12" LP
CAS 1035 Tim Hart & Maddy Prior Summer Solstice 1971 12" LP
CAS 1038 Wishful Thinking Hiroshima 1971 12" LP