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The Man I Love cover by Doris Day

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The Man I Love

By Doris Day



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The Man I Love

artist: Doris Day

year: 1950, March 13

album: Young Man With a Horn

label: Columbia Records

cat NR: CL-6106

medium: 10" LP

also these songs appear on this album:

The Very Thought of You

Get Happy

Too Marvelous for Words

With a Song in My Heart


Comment by Limbabwe
2015-05-20 11:05:33 UTC

Most of these were finally added. However, Doris Day didn't perform on all the album's songs, making them de facto Harry James solo recordings.

- 'The Man I Love'

- 'Melancholy Rhapsody'

- 'Get Happy'

- 'Limehouse Blues'

Most of these were recorded and released by Harry James in the past. This however requires some more research and these will be added at a later date.

Young Man With A Horn

Thanks for posting !

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