Wynn Stewart

Wynn Stewart
Wynn Stewart and The Tourists
Real name
Winford Lindsey Stewart
June 7, 1934
July 17, 1985
Wynn Stewart was a country music singer from Missouri. In 1948 he moved to California where he was influential in the development of the Bakerfield style of country music popularized by Buck Owens and Merle Haggard.
Beverly Stewart Sister


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Title Performer Release date Label
After The Storm Wynn Stewart October 1976 Playboy Records
Baby, It's Yours Wynn Stewart February 1971 Capitol Records
It's a Beatiful Day Wynn Stewart August 1970 Capitol Records
It's Such a Pretty World Today Wynn Stewart April 1967 Capitol Records
Let the Whole World Sing It with Me Wynn Stewart and The Tourists March 1969 Capitol Records
Love's Gonna Happen to Me Wynn Stewart and The Tourists November 1967 Capitol Records
Something Pretty Wynn Stewart and The Tourists May 1968 Capitol Records
The Songs of Wynn Stewart Wynn Stewart 1965 Capitol Records
Wishful Thinking - The Challenge Years, 1958-1963 Wynn Stewart 1988 Bear Family Records
Wynn Stewart Wynn Stewart 1962 Wrangler
You Don't Care What Happens to Me Wynn Stewart February 1970 Capitol Records
Yours Forever Wynn Stewart October 1969 Capitol Records


Title Performer Release date Label
Above and Beyond (The Call of Love) Wynn Stewart May 22, 1959 Jackpot [US]
After the Storm Wynn Stewart July 1976 Playboy Records
Big, Big Love Wynn Stewart September 11, 1961 Challenge
Come-On Wynn Stewart July 2, 1958 Jackpot [US]
Does He Love You Like I Do? Wynn Stewart April 1965 Capitol Records
Donna on My Mind Wynn Stewart August 31, 1962 Challenge
Heartaches for a Dime Wynn Stewart July 1, 1960 Challenge
Hello Little Rock Wynn Stewart 1971 Capitol Records
I Don't Feel at Home Wynn Stewart March 1962 Challenge
I'd Rather Have America Wynn Stewart October 21, 1960 Challenge
I'm Gonna Kill You Wynn Stewart January 1976 Playboy Records
It's Such a Pretty World Today Wynn Stewart January 1967 Capitol Records
Lonely Rain Wynn Stewart May 1975 Playboy Records
Loversville Wynn Stewart June 1962 Challenge
The Happy Part of Town Wynn Stewart September 1964 Capitol Records
The Keeper of the Keys Wynn Stewart with Skeets McDonald and His Orchestra July 1956 Capitol Records
Wild Side of Life Wynn Stewart With Johnny Paycheck 1985 Pretty World
Wishful Thinking Wynn Stewart November 1959 Challenge
Would You Want the World to End Wynn Stewart August 1985 Pretty World
Wrong Company Wynn Stewart - Jan Howard March 1960 Challenge