Merle Travis

Merle Travis
Merle Travis and His Guitar
Merle Travis with Cowboy Band
November 29, 1917
October 20, 1983
United States
Country and western singer, songwriter and guitarist. Travis is particularly regarded for his guitar style, a form of fingerpicking, which is widely called "Travis picking" after him. He was inducted into the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1970 and the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1977.
Member of
Brown's Ferry Four
Tin Ear Tanner and His Back Room Boys
Tex Ann Wife
Thom Bresh Son
Judy Hayden Wife


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Title Performer Release date Label
Farm & Home Hour Merle Travis - Grandpa Jones 1985 CMH Records
Folk Songs of the Hills Merle Travis June 9, 1947 Capitol Records
Great Songs of the Delmore Brothers Merle Travis and Johnny Bond May 1969 Capitol Records
Jimmy Wakely Presents Merle Travis Merle Travis 1976 Shasta
Strictly Guitar Merle Travis June 1968 Capitol Records
The Merle Travis Guitar Merle Travis March 1956 Capitol Records
The Merle Travis Story Merle Travis November 1, 1979 CMH Records
Travis Pickin' Merle Travis 1981 CMH Records
Unreleased Radio Transcriptions 1944-1949 Merle Travis 1994 Country Routes
Walkin' the Strings Merle Travis 1960 Capitol Records


Title Performer Release date Label
Ray Campi Sings - Merle Travis Picks Ray Campi - Merle Travis 1974 Rollin' Rock


Title Performer Release date Label
Blue Smoke Merle Travis and His Guitar August 1949 Capitol Records
Blues Stay Away from Me Merle Travis, Eddie Kirk, Tennessee Ernie with Cliffie Stone's Band November 1949 Capitol Records
Cannon Ball Rag Merle Travis October 1952 Capitol Records
Country Joe Merle Travis July 1967 Capitol Records
Divorce Me C.O.D. Merle Travis September 1946 Capitol Records
Gambler's Guitar Merle Travis July 1953 Capitol Records
Guitar Rag Merle Travis June 1950 Capitol Records
If You Want It, I've Got It Merle Travis and The Whippoorwills October 1955 Capitol Records
Kentucky Means Paradise Merle Travis March 1948 Capitol Records
Knee Deep in Trouble Merle Travis January 1953 Capitol Records
Leave My Honey Bee Alone Merle Travis September 1948 Capitol Records
Merle's Boogie Woogie Merle Travis October 1947 Capitol Records
No Vacancy Merle Travis May 1946 Capitol Records
Re-enlistment Blues Merle Travis August 1953 Capitol Records
So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed Merle Travis January 1947 Capitol Records
That's All - Hide Your Face Merle Travis - Red Murrell August 1945 Atlas [US2]
Three Times Seven Merle Travis with Cowboy Band March 1947 Capitol Records
Too Much Sugar for a Dime Merle Travis and Judy Hayden July 1950 Capitol Records
What a Shame Merle Travis December 1948 Capitol Records
Wildwood Flower Hank Thompson and His Brazos Valley Boys with Merle Travis April 1955 Capitol Records

Performances also appear on

Title Performer Release date Label
Great American Train Songs various artists November 1993 CMH Records
How It Lies, How It Lies, How It Lies Kay Starr April 1949 Capitol Records
Pickin' On the Movies various artists February 3, 1993 CMH Records


Title Performer Release date Label
Blue Smoke - The Music of Merle Travis Cousin Harley 2017 Little Pig