Joe Hill

Personal name
Joel Emmanuel Hägglund
October 7, 1879
November 19, 1915
United States
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Born in Sweden, Hägglund migrated to the United States in 1902 with his brother. He worked as an itinerant laborer, moving frequently. In 1910, Hill joined the Industrial Workers of the World. and rapidly became a prominent Wobbly, giving speeches and organizing for the IWW, as well as writing political songs and satires under the name Joe Hill. He had previously used the alias Joe Hillstrom, apparently due to anti-union blacklisting. Hill was convicted of murder in 1915, which he evidently didn't commit. Executed by a firing squad in Utah, he became a martyr and revered figure in the labor movement.


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Songs written by Joe Hill

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Title Performer Release date Label
Anywhere but Utah - Songs of Joe Hill Bucky Halker 2015 (self-released)
It's a Strike in Paradise - The Songs of Joe Hill Lucas Stark October 9, 2015 Kakafon
Joe Hill Christer Forsberg May 1, 2003 (self-released)
Joe Hill Hayati 1972 Intersound [SE]
Joe Hill - 16 Actions for Orchestra, Voices, and Soloist Wayne Horvitz 2008 New World Records
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Joe Hill lever Pierre Ström, Oscar Norrman, Anders Granell 1979 Mudist
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Joe Hill på svenska Finn Zetterholm 1969 Intersound [SE]
Joe Hill - sångerna ur föreställningen Folkteatern 2014 (self-released)
Joe Hill's Last Will John McCutcheon May 1, 2015 Appalsongs
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Labor of Love - A Tribute to Joe Hill Zero Prophet December 24, 2015 (self-released)
LP:1 Monica Nielsen - Sandro Key-Åberg 1969 (self-released)
Paper Heart - Sånger av och om Joe Hill various artists June 20, 2021 (self-released)
Slut er samman, bröder - Joe Hills sånger SSU Norrboda klubbgäng 1969 (self-released)
Songs and Letters of Joe Hill Mats Paulson 1968 Sonet
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Strejk i paradiset - Lucas Stark sjunger Joe Hill Lucas Stark 2010 Kakafon
Tie vapauteen Paleface & Laulava Unioni 2019 TJT-Musiikki
When We Stand Together - Songs of Joe Hill, The IWW & Fellow Workers Magpie 2017 Long Tail Records