Fabulous Flamingo Brothers

Fabulous Flamingo Brothers
The Fabulous Pink Flamingos
Years active
since 2002
United States
Retro-styled cabaret vocal trio, who had to change their name due a legal challenge by a similarly named band, The Pink Flamingos


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Covers by Fabulous Flamingo Brothers

Title Performer Release date Originally by
March 2007 Kui Lee
March 2007 Don Ho and The Aliis
March 2007 The Sunday Manoa, Louis Armstrong
March 2007 Big Kahuna and The Copa Cat Pack
March 2007 Hanson
March 2007 Harry Owens & His Royal Hawaiian Orchestra
March 2007 Tex Williams and His Western Caravan
March 2007 Roland Gerbeau - Orchestre Pierre Guillermin, Larry Kert, Reri Grist & Carol Lawrence, (unknown)
March 2007 (unknown), The Eleventh Hour
March 2007 The Three Sounds
March 2007 Norman Clark - South Sea Islanders
March 2007 Lucha Reyes, Charles Wolcott and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Ray Gilbert
March 2007 Dick McIntire's Harmony Hawaiians, Quartet of Hawaiian Girls from Kawaihao Seminary
March 2007 Irving Kaufman