Element of Crime

Since the 1990s one of the most succsessful German bands and spearheading the so called 'Hamburger Schule' music movement, Element of Crime combine chanson styles with pop and rock music.
Sven Regener Frontman, co-composer and lyricist
Jakob Ilja Founding member
Eckard Fietze-Fischer 1985-1995
Richard Pappik 1987-...
David Young [GB] Producer (1987-...), live musician (1994-2002), permanent bassist (2002-...)
Ekki Busch (1991-2012)


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Covers by Element of Crime

Title Performer Release date Originally by
November 19, 2010 The Beatles
January 1999 Juliette Gréco, Alexandra - Orchester Arno Flor
1990 (unknown), Erich Ponto
November 14, 2014 Ramones
November 29, 2004 Mindy Carson with Ray Conniff's Orchestra & The Columbians, Freddy
1997 Bee Gees
2005 Bob Dylan
2009 Wham!
October 10, 1994 Udo Lindenberg & Das Panikorchester
2009 (unknown)
November 19, 2010 Noir Désir
October 1990 Arlo Guthrie
2005 Haydn Quartet
i 1990 Harald Paulsen
November 19, 2010 Can
March 5, 1999 Mike Sharpe, Classics IV
September 18, 2009 The Carter Family
  August 9, 1990 (unknown), Lotte Lenja, Begleitung: Theo Mackeben mit seinem Jazz-Orchester REC,REL, Carola Neher PRF
1986 Al Green
September 12, 2005 Pet Shop Boys
Zwei Gitarren Element of Crime 1998 Unverified


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