Berman Patterson

Berman Patterson
United States
R&B singer and songwriter from Queens, New York. He was a founding member of the Cleftones and wrote some of the songs recorded by that group. By the early 1960s he left show business and worked in law enforcement and corrections in New York City. In 1991 he moved to Florida and later recorded solo albums.
Member of
The Cleftones


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Covers by Berman Patterson

Title Performer Release date Originally by
2006 Dickie Valentine with Johnny Douglas and His Orchestra
2006 Fritz Kreisler - Piano Accompaniment Carl Lamson, Tommy Edwards
2003 Belle Baker
2006 Jimmy Daley and The Ding-A-Lings
2003 Felicia Sanders
2003 Aida Ward
2003 Frances Langford with Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra
2006 Frank Sinatra with Quincy Jones and Orchestra
2003 Joe Valino - Gene Kutch Orchestra
2003 Matt Monro with Accompaniment directed by Johnnie Spence
2003 Liza Minnelli
2003 Frank Sinatra
2006 Frank Sinatra with Orchestra conducted by Axel Stordahl
2006 Tony Renis, Pat Boone
2006 Johnny Mandel
2003 Grethe Ingmann, Wayne Newton
2006 Janet Brace
2003 Debbie Reynolds
2003 Mitzi Green
2003 Frank Sinatra
2006 Lou Rawls
2003 Martha Tilton with Paul Weston and His Orchestra
2006 Frank Sinatra

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