Kitty Wells

Kitty Wells
Kitty Wells and The Tennessee Mountain Boys
Real name
Ellen Muriel Deason
August 30, 1918
July 16, 2012
United States
Country singer
Johnny Wright Husband
Ruby Wright [1] Daughter
Bobby Wright Son


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Title Performer Release date Label
After Dark Kitty Wells 1959 Decca
Burning Memories Kitty Wells February 1965 Decca
Christmas Day with Kitty Wells and The Jordanaires Kitty Wells and The Jordanaires November 1962 Decca
Country All the Way Kitty Wells June 1966 Decca
Country Hit Parade Kitty Wells 1956 Decca
Country Music Time Kitty Wells August 1964 Decca
Cream of Country Hits Kitty Wells December 1968 Decca
Dust on the Bible Kitty Wells 1959 Decca
Especially for You Kitty Wells January 1964 Decca
Forever Young Kitty Wells 1974 Capricorn Records
Guilty Street Kitty Wells March 1969 Decca
Hall of Fame Vol. 1 Kitty Wells 1976 Rubocca
Heartbreak U.S.A. Kitty Wells May 1961 Decca
I've Got Yesterday Kitty Wells September 28, 1972 Decca
Kitty's Choice Kitty Wells March 1960 Decca
Kitty Wells Sings Songs Made Famous by Jim Reeves Kitty Wells February 1966 Decca
Lonely Street Kitty Wells August 1958 Decca
Lonesome Sad and Blue Kitty Wells June 1965 Decca
Love Makes the World Go Around Kitty Wells April 1967 Decca
Pledging My Love Kitty Wells October 1971 Decca
Queen of Country Music Kitty Wells with The Jordanaires February 1962 Decca
Queen of Honky Tonk Street Kitty Wells October 16, 1967 Decca
Seasons of My Heart Kitty Wells September 1960 Decca
Showcase Kitty Wells March 1968 Decca
Sincerely Kitty Wells 1972 Decca
Singin' 'em Country Kitty Wells July 1970 Decca
Singing on Sunday Kitty Wells June 1962 Decca
The Kitty Wells Show Kitty Wells December 1966 Decca
They're Stepping All Over My Heart Kitty Wells April 1971 Decca
Together Again Kitty Wells and Red Foley 1967 Decca
We'll Stick Together Kitty Wells & Johnny Wright 1968 Decca
Winner of Your Heart Kitty Wells 1957 Decca
Your Love Is the Way Kitty Wells November 1970 Decca
Yours Truly Kitty Wells July 1973 MCA Records


Title Performer Release date Label
Dust on the Bible Kitty Wells 1959 Decca


Title Performer Release date Label
All the Time Kitty Wells December 1958 Decca
Crying Steel Guitar Waltz Kitty Wells February 1953 Decca
Death at the Bar Kitty Wells and The Tennessee Mountain Boys March 31, 1949 RCA Victor
Heartbreak U.S.A. Kitty Wells April 1961 Decca
Hey Joe Kitty Wells August 1953 Decca
How Far Is Heaven Kitty Wells October 1950 RCA Victor
I Can't Stop Loving You Kitty Wells January 1958 Decca
I Can't Tell My Heart That Kitty Wells and Roy Drusky October 1960 Decca
I Don't Claim to Be an Angel Kitty Wells June 1953 Decca
I Gave My Wedding Dress Away Kitty Wells November 1953 Decca
I'm Counting On You Kitty Wells October 1956 Decca
It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels Kitty Wells 1952 Decca
Lonely Is a Word Kitty Wells October 1959 Decca
Lonely Side of Town Kitty Wells November 1955 Decca
Make Up Your Mind Kitty Wells and The Tennessee Mountain Boys May 1950 RCA Victor
Makin' Believe Kitty Wells February 1955 Decca
Meanwhile, Down at Joe's Kitty Wells July 1965 Decca
Oh' So Many Years Kitty Wells and Webb Pierce February 1957 Decca
One by One Kitty Wells and Red Foley April 1954 Decca
One Week Later Webb Pierce and Kitty Wells November 1957 Decca
Pledging My Love Kitty Wells June 1971 Decca
Release Me Kitty Wells February 1954 Decca
Searching (For Someone Like You) Kitty Wells May 1956 Decca
There's Poison in Your Heart Kitty Wells July 1955 Decca
The Things I Might Have Been Kitty Wells December 1952 Decca
Three Ways (To Love You) Kitty Wells April 1957 Decca
Unloved Unwanted Kitty Wells January 1962 Decca
We Missed You Kitty Wells August 1962 Decca
You and Me Red Foley and Kitty Wells December 1955 Decca

Performances also appear on

Title Performer Release date Label
Honky Tonk Angels Dolly Parton, Loretta Lynn, Tammy Wynette November 1993 Columbia
Midnight Jamboree Ernest Tubb and His Texas Troubadours 1960 Decca


Title Performer Release date Label
A Kitty Wells Songbook Miss Shirley 1967 Arc [CA]
A Tribute to Kitty Wells Norma Jean November 1966 RCA Victor
Hits Made Famous by Country Queens Faye Tucker, Dolly Parton 1963 Stereo Fidelity
Kitty Wells Dresses - Songs of the Queen of Country Music Laura Cantrell June 21, 2011 Diesel Only Records
Remembering Kitty Wells various artists 2016 Heart of Texas Records