Edison Gold Moulded Records

Edison Gold Moulded Records
United States
from 1902 to 1912
Gold Moulded Records was a sub-label of Edison Records launched in January, 1902 to market new cylinder records of hard black wax that could be replayed hundreds of times. These replaced earlier Brown Wax cylinders, and many titles were either re-recorded and/or re-numbered for issue on the new format. While sturdy, these cylinders had only two minutes of playing time. Designations of Edison two minute black wax cylinders changed over time between 1902-1912, and these name variations appear on cylinder boxes. The term "Gold Moulded" first appeared in late 1903 and is found on cylinder boxes and catalogs until June, 1908. By July, 1908 they were simply called "Edison Records" on boxes because a new method of record production had replaced the Gold-Moulding process. Therefore, Edison two minute cylinders produced after June, 1908 should be listed under Edison Records, because they were not Gold Moulded Records. When new 4-minute Edison Amberol Records were introduced in November, 1908, the older cylinders were called "Edison Two-Minute Records", although this name doesn't appear on any cylinder boxes. By January, 1909 they were called "Edison Standard Records", and this is the name that persisted on cylinder boxes until production of two minute black wax cylinders ended. In 1912 they were discontinued in favor of Edison Blue Amberol Records, which featured cylinders with four minutes playing time.

Alternate (foreign) names:
- Cylindres Edison Moulés Sur Or (in France and Quebec)
- Edison Goldguss Walze (in Germany and Austro-Hungary)


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Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
8060 Samuel Siegel Home Sweet Home 1902 Cylinder
8081 Arthur Collins Oh, Didn't He Ramble 1902 Cylinder
8093 Byron G. Harlan The Mansion of Broken Hearts 1902 Cylinder
8118 William Redmond In the Good Old Summer Time 1902 Cylinder
8164 Byron G. Harlan & Frank P. Banta I'll Be There, I'll Be There, Mary Dear 1902 Cylinder
8301 Arthur Collins Dat's de Way to Spell Chicken January 1903 Cylinder
8365 Edward F. Favor Then I'd Be Satisfied With Life 1903 Cylinder
8426 Samuel Siegel My Old Kentucky Home 1903 Cylinder
8436 Edison Male Quartette Massa's in the Cold, Cold Ground 1903 Cylinder
8566 Edison Symphony Orchestra Melody of Love 1903 Cylinder
8677 Albert Campbell and Frederick Harrison You're the Flower of My Heart, Sweet Adeline April 1904 Cylinder
8715 Corinne Morgan, Frank C. Stanley Listen to the Mocking Bird 1904 Cylinder
8722 Billy Murray Meet Me in St. Louis, Louis 1904 Cylinder
8781 William H. Thompson Old Folks at Home 1904 Cylinder
8784 Harlan and Stanley Dixie 1904 Cylinder
8818 Edison Concert Band My Old Kentucky Home 1904 Cylinder
8823 Edison Male Quartette Old Black Joe 1904 Cylinder
8958 Irving Gillette In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree April 1905 Cylinder


Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
9100 Bob Roberts [US1] Everybody Works but Father October 1905 Cylinder
9107 The Edison Military Band The Whistler and his Dog 1905 Cylinder
9120 Edison Male Quartette Hard Times Come Again No More 1905 Cylinder
9130 Byron G. Harlan Wait 'Till the Sun Shines, Nellie 1905 Cylinder
9180 Anthony and Harrison Pass Me Not, O Gentle Saviour January 1906 Cylinder
9344 Harry MacDonough Where the River Shannon Flows 1906 Cylinder
9367 Miss Hinkle and Mr. MacDonough Softly and Tenderly September 1906 Cylinder
9439 Harlan and Stanley with Orchestra Tramp! Tramp! Tramp! 1907 Cylinder
9443 Edison Mixed Quartette It Is Well with My Soul January 1907 Cylinder
9460 The Vassar Girls Quartette Kentucky Babe January 1907 Cylinder
9622 Frederick H. Potter Red Wing August 1907 Cylinder
9777 Edison Symphony Orchestra The Teddy Bears' Picnic March 1908 Cylinder
9981 Harry Anthony and James F. Harrison Just As I Am 1908 Cylinder
9994 Knickerbocker Quartette Come Where My Love Lies Dreaming 1908 Cylinder