The Limeliters

United States
One of the most successful folk groups in the 1960s as part of the folk music revival.
Glenn Yarbrough
Alex Hassilev
Ernie Sheldon


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Covers by The Limeliters

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1968 Julie Felix
1963 (unknown), (unknown), The Original Sacred Harp Choir
September 1963 (unknown)
1963 Frank and James McCravy
1963 (unknown)
1962 Fiddlin' John Carson
1985 The New Seekers
1968 Glen Campbell
November 16, 1999 Darby and Tarlton
1963 The Happy Four
listen on Internet Archive 1962 (unknown), (unknown)
1968 Leon Rosselson
  September 1963 Flora Walsh PRF, George J. Gaskin REL
September 1963 Libby Holman with Josh White
1964 Ewan MacColl & A.L. Lloyd, Bob Dylan
  1962 Frank Warner REL, Lena Bourne Fish REC
1962 (unknown), The Weavers
1961 Katie Lee
September 1963 Bentley Ball
1961 The Almanac Singers
1961 Woody Guthrie, (unknown)
December 1960 (unknown)
1963 (unknown)
1963 Carson Robison
March 1960 Fiddlin' John Carson
1964 (unknown)
1963 (unknown)
1985 Ernie Lieberman
1963 Spencer & Ossman, Happy Valley Family
March 1960 Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra and The Weavers
1968 The Brothers [US2]
December 1960 Michael Flanders and Donald Swann
March 1960 Trío Calaveras
1963 Fisk University Jubilee Singers
September 1963 Ernest Williams, James "Iron Head" Baker and Convict Group
November 16, 1999 The Good Time Singers
1964 Lulu Belle and Scotty
1963 (unknown), Turney Brothers
December 1960 The Tarriers
1962 Mike Settle and The Settlers
1987 Birmingham Quartet
September 1963 Tex Fletcher
September 1963 Radio Mac (Harry McClintock)
1964 Pepe Blanco
December 1960 The Gateway Singers
March 1960 The Weavers
1968 Gilbert Bécaud, Rod McKuen
September 1963 Rev. C.D. Montgomery, Dave Cutrell with McGinty's Oklahoma Cow Boy Band
There's a Meetin' Here Tonight The Limeliters December 1960 Unverified
May 1962 (unknown)
1963 (unknown), Hugh Cross
1964 (unknown)
1962 Alexander Vertinsky
Covered by (150 artists)
March 1960 (unknown)
1962 (unknown)
Covered by (97 artists)
1962 Vaughan's Texas Quartet
1961 (unknown)
1963 Joe Glazer and the Elm City Four
March 1960 The Seegers
  1964 Lead Belly REL, Leadbelly REC
1963 (unknown)
1961 Joe Lynch with Orchestra
November 16, 1999 Stan Rogers
  1962 Keith Hamshere & Chorus PRF, Oliver & Chorus (Keith Hamshere) REL
1963 (unknown), Haydn Quartet with Orchestra
Zen Gospel Singing The Limeliters 1992 Unverified


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