Art & Dotty Todd

Art and Dotty Todd
Arthur and Dorothy Todd
United States
American husband and wife singing duo, who reached the Top Ten in the UK and the US with "Broken Wings" (1953) and "Chanson d'amour" (1958).


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Covers by Art & Dotty Todd

Title Performer Release date Originally by
1965 Sol Hoopii and his Novelty Quartette
  1966 Billy Dee Williams PRF, Bobby Scott REC,REL
1965 Napua Stevens
  1980 Jack Denny and His Orchestra - Vocal by Sonny Schuyler REC, Bing Crosby BRD
November 2, 1952 Dickie Valentine with Accompaniment directed by Roland Shaw
March 1951 Harry Tally
  1959 Vic Damone - Glenn Osser's Orchestra REC, Margaret Whiting and The Crew Chiefs REL
1965 Hawaiian Quintette
  1959 Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Bob Lawrence REL, Rex Weber PRF
1980 Don Ho
1966 The Astorites - Vocal Chorus by Irving Kaufman
1966 Glen Gray and His Casa Loma Orchestra
1959 Hoagy Carmichael and His Orchestra
1966 The Jungle Band [Ellington]
1980 (unknown performer), Dorothy Lamour - Orchestra under direction of Cy Feuer
1966 Louis Jourdan
1980 (unknown), (unknown)
1980 Ray Kinney and His Hawaiian Musical Ambassadors
1959 Duke Ellington and His Orchestra
1980 Maurice Jarre, Ray Conniff and The Singers
1965 R. K. Holstein and Octette
1966 Bert Kaempfert and His Orchestra, Freddy Quinn
  1959 Clarence Williams' Blue Five - Vocal Chorus by Eva Taylor REL, William Bailey REC
  1966 Zero Mostel, Maria Karnilova and Chorus REL,PRF
1980 Ted Fio Rito and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by The Debutantes and Muzzy Marcellino
1965 Helen Desha Beamer and Samuel Kapu REL, Charles E. King PRF, Trapp Family Singers
1980 Don Ho and The Aliis