Carl Perkins

Carl Perkins
Carl Perkins - The Rockin Guitar Man
Carl Perkins with C.P. Express
Real name
Carl Lee Perkins
April 9, 1932
January 19, 1998
United States
Rockabilly guitarist, singer, and songwriter. He also performed rock and roll and country music. His surname was misspelled "Perkings" on his birth certificate.
Member of
The Carl Perkins Show
Stan Perkins Son
Greg Perkins Son


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Title Performer Release date Label
706 ReUnion - A Sentimental Journey Carl Perkins & Scotty Moore 1992 Belle Meade
Blue Suede Shoes Carl Perkins 1969 Sun
Boppin' the Blues Carl Perkins and NRBQ January 1970 Columbia
Born to Rock Carl Perkins 1989 Universal Records [US2]
Carl Perkins Carl Perkins October 14, 1985 Dot Records
Carl Perkins' Greatest Hits Carl Perkins May 1969 Columbia
Christmas "The Johnny Cash Family" November 1972 Columbia
Class of '55 - Memphis Rock & Roll Homecoming Carl Perkins - Jerry Lee Lewis - Roy Orbison - Johnny Cash May 15, 1986 America Records [1]
Country Boy's Dream Carl Perkins 1967 Dollie
Dance Album of Carl Perkins Carl Perkins 1958 Sun
Friends, Family & Legends Carl Perkins December 1992 Platinum [2]
From Jackson Tennessee to All My Freinds Carl Perkins 1978 Lake County
Go Cat Go! Carl Perkins October 1996 Dinosaur Entertainment
My Kind of Country Carl Perkins December 1973 Mercury
Ol' Blue Suede's Back - Carl Perkins' Tribute to Rock and Roll Carl Perkins 1978 Jet Records [GB]
Rocking Guitarman Carl Perkins 1975 Charly Records
Rock 'n' Roll Party Carl Perkins 1984 Warwick
The Classic Carl Perkins Carl Perkins March 1, 1990 Bear Family Records
The Man * The Legend Carl Perkins October 1986 Magnum Force
The Million Dollar Quartet Elvis Presley with Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins March 1990 BMG
The Sun Years Carl Perkins March 1982 Charly Records
The Survivors Johnny Cash - Jerry Lee Lewis - Carl Perkins March 19, 1982 Columbia
Whole Lotta Shakin' Carl Perkins November 1958 Columbia


Title Performer Release date Label
Birth of Rock and Roll Carl Perkins May 1986 America Smash
Blue Suede Shoes Carl Perkins December 1955 Sun
Boppin' the Blues Carl Perkins May 1956 Sun
Country Boy's Dream Carl Perkins September 1966 Dollie
Dixie Fried Carl Perkins August 1956 Sun
For a Little While Carl Perkins October 1963 Decca
Forever Yours Carl Perkins August 15, 1957 Sun
Glad All Over Carl Perkins - The Rockin Guitar Man December 1957 Sun
Help Me Dream Carl Perkins May 1973 Mercury
I Don't See Me in Your Arms Anymore Carl Perkins August 1959 Columbia
Let the Juke Box Keep On Playing Carl Perkins October 1955 Sun
Levi Jacket (and a Long Tail Shirt) Carl Perkins July 7, 1958 Columbia
Matchbox Carl Perkins February 1957 Sun
Movie Magg Carl Perkins March 1955 Flip
Pink Pedal Pushers Carl Perkins March 1958 Columbia
Pointed Toe Shoes Carl Perkins April 13, 1959 Columbia
Restless Carl Perkins December 1968 Columbia
Rock-a-Billy Fever Carl Perkins with C.P. Express October 1981 Suede Record Company
The E.P. Express Carl Perkins June 1975 Mercury
The Trip Carl Perkins September 1972 Columbia

Performances also appear on

Title Performer Release date Label
Good Rockin' Tonight - The Legacy of Sun Records various artists October 16, 2001 Sire
It's Now or Never - The Tribute to Elvis various artists 1994 Mercury
Like Nothing Your Ears Have Ever Heard, Vol. 7 various artists 1996 Vladimir Twist
Porky's Revenge! various artists March 14, 1985 Columbia
Red Hot + Country various artists September 13, 1994 Mercury Nashville
Rockabilly Stars, Volume Three various artists 1982 Epic
Sun Rockabillys - Put Your Cat Clothes On various artists 1973 Sun [1]
Sun Rockabillys Rockin' and Boppin' various artists 1973 Phonogram
The Best of the Johnny Cash TV Show 1969-1971 Johnny Cash September 2007 Legacy
The Johnny Cash Christmas Special 1977 Johnny Cash November 13, 2007 Shout! Factory
Trio + various artists 1979 Sun
Unearthed Cash November 25, 2003 American


Title Performer Release date Label
Pickin' Like Perkins Stan Perkins & Ian B. MacLeod 2000 Pinewood Records
Rockabilly Buddy - A Spanish Tribute to Carl Perkins various artists June 2001 Teddy Bear
"Thank You Mr. Perkins" Ian B. MacLeod April 1988 Rockabilly