Per Henrik Wallin

Per Henrik Wallin
Per Henrik Wallin Trio
July 17, 1946
June 15, 2005
Jazz piano player and composer. Wallin experienced a severe accident in 1988, which left him wheelchair bound and kept him away from music for some eight years.


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Covers by Per Henrik Wallin

Title Performer Release date Originally by
i 1982 Evelyn Hoey
i 1996 Glenn Miller and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain by Ray Eberle
i 1996 Bob Crosby and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Marion Mann
i 1987 The Thelonious Monk Quartet
i 1996 Marcy Westcott and Richard Kollmar
i 1996 Bing Crosby
i 1996 Glen Gray and The Casa Loma Orchestra
i 1996 Minto Cato
i 1996 Thelonious Monk
i 1982 Dizzy Gillespie
i 1987 (unknown), Bing Crosby with John Scott Trotter and His Orchestra
i 1987 Cootie Williams and His Orchestra
i 1999 Dennis King & Vivienne Segal
i 1996 Paul Whiteman and His Concert Orchestra, Kay Kyser and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus Harry Babbitt
i 1999 Gus Arnheim Coconut Grove Orchestra
i 1999 (unknown)
i 1999 The Thelonious Monk Sextet
i 1987 Fay Templeton
i 1996 Carol Bruce
i 1982 Busby Berkeley and Joyce Barber