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P (x)xx [78rpm box sets]

Catalog nr. EAN Performer Title Date Format
P 11 John and Lucy Allison with Sawyer's Minute Men Ballads of the American Revolution and the War of 1812 March 1940 78rpm
P 23 Capitol City Four Quartet Barber Shop Harmony July 1940 78rpm
P 40 Dick Leibert Organ Encores 1940 78rpm
P 51 Hal Kemp and His Orchestra Hal Kemp Memorial Album - Eight of Hal's Best Loved Recordings 1941 78rpm
P 56 various artists NBC's Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street February 1941 78rpm
P 57 Collins H. Driggs The Magic of the Novachord 1941 78rpm
P 64 Joe Reichman Piano Reveries May 1941 78rpm
P 65 Dick Leibert Wedding Music 1941 78rpm
P 66 Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra Prom Date June 1941 78rpm
P 74 Charles Magnante Accordion a' la mode August 1941 78rpm
P 75 various artists Hot Piano October 1941 78rpm
P 84 "Texas" Jim Robertson 'Round the Campfire September 26, 1941 78rpm
P 86 various artists NBC's Chamber Music Society of Lower Basin Street - Volume 2 1941 78rpm
P 101 various artists Walt Disney's Dumbo - Recorded from the Sound Track of the Film 1941 78rpm
P 109 "Fats" Waller Waller on the Ivories 1942 78rpm
P 118 Lena Horne Moanin' Low 1942 78rpm
P 133 Dorothy Kirsten, Felix Knight, Victor "First Nighter" Orchestra and Chorus Favorite Songs from Famous Musicals 1942 78rpm
P 136 David Rose and His Orchestra Film Favorites 1942 78rpm
P 167 Russ Case and His Orchestra Finian's Rainbow December 1946 78rpm