Earl May

Earl May Trio
Real name
Earl Charles Barrington May
September 17, 1927
January 2008
United States
May was a double bass player known principally as a sideman. He played left-handed on a bass strung for a right-handed bassist.


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Covers by Earl May

Title Performer Release date Originally by
  February 1962 (unknown), Jerry Vale with Percy Faith & His Orch. REL, Alfred Drake, Doretta Morrow, Richard Kiley & Henry Calvin PRF
February 1962 Yves Montand BRD, Cora Vaucaire - Au piano : M. Philippe-GĂ©rard REL, Jo Stafford with Orchestra conducted by Harold Mooney
1961 Irving Abrams & His Orchestra
i 1964 Count Basie and His Orchestra
i 1964 Barbara Carroll Trio
i 1957 Billie Holiday
i 1957 Billie Holiday
i 1957 Billie Holiday
  February 1962 Paul Whiteman and His Orchestra - Vocal Refrain Ramona REC, William Gaxton & Ethel Merman PRF
February 1962 Ethel Merman
1961 Jimmy Dorsey and His Orchestra
  February 1962 Felicia Sanders PRF, Kaye Ballard REC,REL
  1961 Mildred Bailey and Her Orchestra REC, Evelyn Laye PRF
  February 1962 Benny Goodman and His Orchestra - Vocal Chorus by Helen Forrest REL, Shirley Ross PRF
February 1962 Harald Paulsen mit Orchesterbegleitung REL, Kurt Gerron PRF, Gerald Price
i 1964 Kenny Burrell
i   1957 Sophie Tucker with Ted Shapiro Orchestra REC, Libby Holman and Clifton Webb PRF
  1961 Jules Bledsoe PRF, "Kenn" Sisson and His Orchestra REC
i 1964 Count Basie and His Orchestra
February 1962 Bing Crosby with Pete King and His Orchestra
i   1964 Jackie & Roy REC, Jerri Winters - With Orchestra conducted by Don Costa REL
1961 Victor Young and His Concert Orchestra - Ray Turner at the Piano REC,REL, Victor Young and His Orchestra BRD, Dick Haymes and Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra
i 1957 Billie Holiday and Her Orchestra
1961 Bill Henderson
  February 1962 Bill Walker, Swen Swenson, Ray Mason, Charles Braswell, The Crew PRF,REL
  1961 Hall Sisters with Jesse Stone and His Orchestra REL, Peggy Lee REC
  1961 Grace Moore & John Steel PRF, Carl Fenton's Orchestra (Walter Haenschen) REC
  February 1962 Julie Andrews REL, Julie Andrews and Cast PRF
  1961 Billy Fields REL, David Daniels and Gloria Marlowe PRF


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