The Weavers

The Weavers
United States
Folk music quartet
Pete Seeger
Lee Hays
Fred Hellerman
Ronnie Gilbert
Erik Darling (1958-1962)
Paul Campbell
The Almanac Singers


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Title Performer Release date Covered by
March 1950 (6 artists)
September 1951 (98 artists)
1951 (4 artists)
December 1950 (28 artists)
April 1957 (41 artists)
November 1963 (31 artists)
Suliram (Indonesian Lullaby) The Weavers September 1951 Unverified
September 1951 (14 artists)
March 1950 (151 artists)
July 1950 (22 artists)
August 1960 (4 artists)

Covers by The Weavers

Title Performer Release date Originally by
March 1951 John Goss and the Cathedral Male Voice Quartet
Covered by (3 artists)
1958 (unknown)
1959 Carl Sandburg
1958 (unknown)
1958 (unknown)
Bill Bailey Come Home The Weavers 1960 Unverified
February 1962 Rex Weber
1958 Henry Whitter
August 1960 (unknown)
November 1963 Harry Belafonte
April 1957 Buell Kazee
June 10, 2003 (unknown)
February 1958 (unknown)
Covered by (78 artists)
December 1957 Flora Walsh
September 1951 (unknown)
1959 (unknown)
1958 Pete Seeger
1958 (unknown)
December 1957 (unknown)
April 2000 Red Foley
February 1962 Wilfred Glenn and Shannon Quartet
July 1950 Leadbelly
Go Tell It on the Mountain The Weavers 1951 Unverified
1959 (unknown)
April 1957 (unknown)
November 1963 Cuarteto Caney, (unknown)
Covered by (107 artists)
1959 Ashley and Foster (Clarence Ashley, Gwen Foster)
September 1951 (unknown)
1959 Carter Family
April 1957 Biddle University Quartet
February 1962 Woody Guthrie acc. Cisco Houston & Sonny Terry
1967 Harrod's Jubilee Singers
August 1951 (unknown), Leadbelly
Covered by (60 artists)
1959 (unknown)
August 1960 Pete Seeger
1958 Dave Cutrell with McGinty's Oklahoma Cow Boy Band
1958 Al Hopkins and His Buckle Busters (The Hill Billies [US])
1952 Dave Cutrell with McGinty's Oklahoma Cow Boy Band
January 1952 (unknown)
September 1951 Dennis Crumpton & Robert Summers
March 1951 George Reneau
February 1962 (unknown)
April 1957 Rock Island Colored Booster Quartet
November 1963 Jesse Fuller
August 1960 (unknown), The Almanac Singers
1959 The Sensational Nightingales, Les Baxter and His Orchestra
April 1957 Merle Travis
December 1950 Woody Guthrie
1959 Kelly Harrell
Suliram The Weavers April 1957 Unverified
1959 Lead Belly
April 1952 Frankie Laine with Paul Weston & His Orch. & The Norman Luboff Choir - Carl Fischer
November 1950 Guy Mitchell - Orch. & Chorus under the direction of Mitch Miller
November 1950 Cleveland Simmons Group
1958 Woody Guthrie
February 1962 Deacon L. J. Bates (Blind Lemon Jefferson), Erik Darling
1959 (unknown)
September 1951 (unknown)
August 1951 (unknown)
February 1962 The Almanac Singers
January 1952 Solomon Linda's Original Evening Birds
1959 Virginia Liston




Title Performer Release date Label
Around the Corner (Beneath the Berry Tree) The Weavers and Gordon Jenkins and His Chorus and Orchestra April 1952 Decca
Done Laid Around The Weavers February 1958 Vanguard
Goodnight Irene Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra and The Weavers July 1950 Decca
Jig Along Home The Weavers 1951 Decca
Kisses Sweeter than Wine The Weavers August 1951 Decca
Lonesome Traveler Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra and The Weavers December 1950 Decca
Midnight Special Gordon Jenkins and His Orchestra and The Weavers 1952 Decca
One for the Little Bitty Baby The Weavers September 1951 Decca
On Top of Old Smoky The Weavers and Terry Gilkyson March 1951 Decca
The Hammer Song The Weavers March 1950 Hootenanny Records
The Roving Kind The Weavers November 1950 Decca
Wimoweh The Weavers and Gordon Jenkins and His Chorus and Orchestra January 1952 Decca